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Disciples Women

Disciples Women (DW) is an organization for all the women of the church. Its primary interest is in mission service, internationally, nationally, and locally.

There are four individual women’s groups meeting once each month: two during the day and two in the evening. There is also a General DW meeting the first Thursday of each month at which time a program is given, lunch is served and service projects are discussed.

The monies given to service projects are from member offerings, annual fund raisers, the DW Annual Rummage Sale and the Holiday Bazaar. Monies raised from the annual fund raiser are distributed monthly to the Disciples Basic Mission fund along with donations to Uptown Community Center, Store Front, Big Sister League, Hillcrest Preschool and other organizations. Also included in our service projects are the Nile Sisters, gifts for Tijuana children, blankets for Church World Service and the Kenya Children’s Home.

All women are welcome to join in the fellowship and service of DW.