Join us Sundays at 10:00 a.m.!

Our goal is to help you connect with God, yet we recognize that people do this in different ways.  For this reason, we strive to make every service creative, vibrant, and dynamic.  Which is to say, that the service looks a bit different every week based on the theme of the day.
Each service has an inspiring sermon, meaningful prayers, time with children, engaging music, and Open Communion (all are welcome at the table, no exceptions).  A variety of dress is seen at our services, and you are welcome as you are!
Our services also feature a wide range of music from Bach to Bluegrass.  Each week, our choir presents an anthem (except during the summer), you will likely hear the piano or organ, and we have a band with drums, bass, and guitar.  We also have a rich music program that frequently brings in guest musicians.  Over the past year, we’ve had mariachi bands, brass quintets, string quartets, Celtic musicians, folk musicians, dulcimer players, praise singers, ukulele players, gospel singers, New Orleans jazz bands, bluegrass bands, and classical guitarists to name a few.  Our only requirements are that the music must help deepen the spiritual journey, it must be done well, and it must reflect our progressive values.
Wonder what this looks like? 
Take a minute and watch the video below of our Palm Sunday Palms & Parasols Parade.  You also might want to take a look at our Theology of Broadway series.


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