We deeply value the children in our congregation and take Christian education seriously.  We believe that children should be nurtured and allowed to develop their own theology from an early age.


UCC’s Youth meet on a regular basis in a Partnership Youth Group with several other churches in the San Diego area.  Meetings focus on fellowship, study, deep spirituality, service, and lots of fun.


Young Adults

Our young adult group meets once a month for fun, service and fellowship.  The pic above is from a summer bonfire at the beach.  All are welcome at our activities!
Peter Bolland


In the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we deeply believe in individual interpretation and developing one’s own theology.
Women's Tea

Disciples Women

Disciples Women (DW) is an organization for all the women of the church. Its primary interest is in mission service, internationally, nationally, and locally.

Chancel Choir

 The Chancel Choir sings a variety of anthems, hymns, and other choral offerings that underscore and support the message of the day and the church season.


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