Diego Salazar Galvis

Latinx Community Minister

Hola, I am Diego, a passionate theologian, educator, and change-maker. I was born and raised in the beloved country of Colombia. I hold an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Theology from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. I also earned a dual master’s degree in Theology and Social Justice from Santa Clara University, Berkeley-California. I recently earned a degree in sacred theology, where I explored the relationship between philanthropy and religious non-profit organizations and foundations. 


The Religion department at Vrije University in Amsterdam invited me for a semester abroad to research the intersections of Religion, Gender & Sexuality, and immigrant communities. My investigation combines the academic context and  the grassroots work with multiracial communities at ‘Casa Migrante.’ 


Concomitantly, I use inclusive education to favor activism and social impact in marginalized communities. I am involved in the non-profit organization’s rigid work for immigrants and LGBTQ+ community rights in California and New York. I also delve into pedagogies where people build Queer Faith from their immigrant stories through the lens of Social Justice. 


This summer past, I worked with a non-profit that builds the leadership of immigrants in San Diego, CA, and across the country. I encouraged communities of Faith to be part of a transformative action from the civil engagement side. 

During my free time, I enjoy contemplating sunrises, sunsets, and sky full of stars. I enjoy outdoor sports: biking, hiking, and going to beaches!