Ways to get involved


We Are The Church

At University Christian Church, our congregation thrives on the coming together of Christ's people to serve and to lead. 

Worship Concert Website BannerMusic Ministry

Praise Singers

Our Praise Singers are an enthusiastic group that lead the congregation in song each week.  Rehearsals are at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings in the sanctuary.

Chancel Choir

Our Chancel Choir offers their gift of music each Sunday. The Chancel Choir sings a variety of anthems, hymns, and other choral offerings that underscore and support the message of the day and the church season. This is a group that definitely enjoys time together, whether in rehearsal, performance or fellowship!

When the choir is in session, rehearsals take place twice a week — Thursdays at 7:00 pm in the Music Room, 102, and Sundays at 10:30 am in the Sanctuary.

The Chancel Choir takes a summer sabbatical from Memorial Day to Labor Day. However, special music by choir members is offered during the summer months.


Church Bible Study Website BannerYouth  Group

The youth group is vital and alive with a focus on spiritual growth, service, and fellowship and meets regularly.

The youth group is well-balanced, offering fellowship, study, deep spirituality, service and lots of fun.  This year, in addition to meetings at UCC, our youth group is combining with several other Disciples of Christ youth groups in the San Diego area.  
Every year the youth participate in a mission trip during the summer. The youth, along with their adult supervisors, have traveled to All Peoples’ Christian Church in Los Angeles to work with urban inner-city ministry and to help children, built homes in Appalachia and New Orleans (following Hurricane Katrina), learned about environmental stewardship in Monterey Bay, painted a church in Mexicali, and worked on an Indian Reservation in Yakama, Washington. 

In addition, youth are eligible to attend our denomination’s summer camp at Loch Leven, with scholarships available from University Christian Church.  Please contact our Director of Youth and Family Ministry, Larry Morris for more information at larry@uchristianchurch.org.

Child Website BannerChildren

During our service,  there is a Children’s Moment every week that teaches little ones a brief lesson based on the day’s message. The Children’s Moment is followed by an optional planned program for young ones called Children Worship & Wonder.
Children Worship and Wonder is a method of Christian education that strives to teach children the art of using religious language - parable, sacred story, silence, and liturgical action - to help them become more fully aware of the mystery of God's presence in their lives.   It is based on the teaching methods developed by Maria Montessori, which include self-motivation, freedom for physical activity (no stationary desks or chairs), informal and individual instruction, and development of sensory and motor skills through the use of manipulatives to help illustrate stories.  Each week a story-teller and door person who have been trained in the Montessori method provide leadership for this group.  

Bible Reading Website BannerStudies

In addition to our small group outings and activities there are groups that get together to study.  
There is a book club whose meetings are listed on the church calendar.  This group meets in a member's home, reads a different book each month, and discusses the theological themes in each book.
 There is also a weekly bible study on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. in the Garden Room.  This class takes an in-depth look at different books in the bible and discusses how they relate to our modern times.

Women's Retreat Religious Web BannerDisciples Women

Disciples Women (DW) is an organization for all the women of the church. Its primary interest is in mission service, internationally, nationally, and locally.

There are four individual women’s groups meeting once each month: two during the day and two in the evening. There is also a General DW meeting the first Thursday of each month at which time a program is given, lunch is served and service projects are discussed.

The monies given to service projects are from member offerings, annual fund raisers, the DW Annual Rummage Sale and the Holiday Bazaar. Monies raised from the annual fund raiser are distributed monthly to the Disciples Basic Mission fund along with donations to Uptown Community Center, Store Front, Big Sister League, Hillcrest Preschool and other organizations. Also included in our service projects are the Nile Sisters, gifts for Tijuana children, blankets for Church World Service and the Kenya Children’s Home.

All women are welcome to join in the fellowship and service of DW.


Bible Study Group Website BannerSmall Groups

Throughout the year, there are opportunities to join in spirituality, mission, and fun.
During Lent in 2016, we formed several small groups: a prayer and meditation group, a knitting group, a service group, and a Bible study group to help people focus on spirituality during Lent.  

We also attend baseball games as a church group, hold picnics, participate in hymn sings, march in the PRIDE parade, hold an Easter Extravaganza for Children, go Christmas caroling for our homebound members, and of course have church potlucks! But all these things give us the liberty to laugh, to love, to enjoy, and to form bonds.

Check out our church calendar to see what's coming up!